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    DIY Halloween Donuts

    DIY Halloween Donuts

    Looking for ways to dress up your Guiltless Goodies for Halloween?
    We've got you covered with a couple quick tricks!!
    In one bowl we scooped about a 1/4c of coconut butter and 1-2T of coconut oil, heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds and stirred together. We poured the melted mixture into a ziplock bag and snipped the corner to create a pastry decorating bag!
    Next we made twp small dots with melted mixture on our Cake Donut, then added mini chocolate chips for the eyes of our mummy donut. Then we drizzled the mixture back and forth creating the "bandages".  We did this in two layers so that the mixture didn't all meld together. Let your first layer of bandages set up for 1-2 minutes then go back with a second layer.
    Not only is this mummy the cutest little donut, but its healthy too! Preservative free and made with all natural ingredients, does it get better than that?!

    We used the same melted coconut butter + coconut oil mixture and made spider webs on our Chocolate Glaze Donut. Our little spider is just scrap paper cut and put together using scissors and tape, but you could easily use a fake spider you have on hand to add to your plate for a non-edible, fun decoration. And if you need something even easier, just add some eyeballs and cut out some black paper wings and call our Chocolate Glaze Donuts, bats!
    We hope you have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Tag us on Instagram @guiltless_goodies if you dress up your donuts!