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    Blog — Daniel Crouch

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    Daniel's Birthday Sale - 20% off


    Good News

    It's Daniel's Birthday! 

    May is a favorite month of ours here at Guiltless Goodies! We get to celebrate the good life of our co-founder, Daniel!  

    Turning just 30 ;) this year! Guiltless wouldn't be where it is today without our fearless leader. Around the office, he's known as DanMan or Dan the Muffin Man! Not only does he run the business like the tenacious Taurus that he is, but he's also handy with a whisk and does lots of Guiltless baking, too! 

    For Daniel's birthday, we thought it would be fun to share a few  of the things he's learned over the years.

     1.  Health is wealth. 
     Life can be tough sometimes, but if you're in good health, you will have the energy to keep fighting and overcome.

    2. Believe to receive. 
     Everything we've ever diligently prayed for has come to fruition...even if the road to get there is full of mountains and road blocks. You aren't in this alone, stay the course and expect miracles. They always show up.

    3. The hour before dawn is always the darkest.
     If God has lead you to it, He'll lead you through it. Stay faithful and joy-filled and you will accomplish your dreams.

    We want you to celebrate with us! - Take 20% off your entire online order with Coupon Code: Celebrate20

    Order today! Offer only good until Thursday 5/4 at midnight

    To your good health! 
    Lindsey & Daniel 

    Guiltless Quesadillas

    Building a fresh and healthy Southwestern Quesadilla that you can feel Guiltless about eating! Featured with my precious sous-chef husband Daniel on the Most Watched Alternative Health Show, Know the Cause hosted by Doug Kaufmann Fresh gooey mozzarella, sautéed peppers and onions, fresh jalapeños, and cilantro on two crispy 7 Seed Guiltless Tortillas! I like to brown my tortillas in the skillet first to make sure I get them nice and toasted for a crunchy quesadilla! Then remove from skillet and place on a cutting board. Lay down your cheese on bottom tortilla, then veggies, herbs and meat. Finish with one more thin layer of cheese to hold that second tortilla in place. Then top with your other Guiltless tortilla. Cook on medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes on each side! Healthy, fast, fresh and delicious!


    Guiltless Croutons


    Today is BACK TO SCHOOL for many families, and that means fall + cooler temps are just around the corner! Step into the new school year with this grain-free Guiltless 7 Seed Croutons recipe!


    Cube Guiltless Sandwich Bread into one inch squares. Melt butter or put olive oil in a small bowl. {I like to use 50/50 butter + olive oil for the combination of flavors and using just butter tends to burn the croutons quickly so this technique helps.} Infuse your fat (butter/olive oil) with fresh garlic or garlic powder. Add fresh or dried herbs if you want, too! Pour some of the fat onto your baking sheet. Toss the cut bread into the fat and toss to coat. Drizzle any remaining over the bread pieces. Lay flat on cooking sheet. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until desired level of crunchiness! ? Enjoy in your favorite soup or on your favorite salad! These croutons add protein, fiber, omegas, antioxidants, vitamins and crunch to any meal!

    New Mini-Muffins are here!


    The Guiltless Dark Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffin! These 1.5 oz delicious, chocolate chip, gluten-free and grain-free muffins are made from the same goodness as our last bigger muffin-size, but they now come in a little muffin wrapper, are even more "Guiltless" and easier to take on the go! Pack one in your kiddo's lunch box, for an after school or before/after practice snack, or bring to the office for that great brain food they provide.

    These little guys pack a big punch with 5g of protein, 5g of fiber, just 150 good calories and healthy fats that keep energy levels high during work or play. And if you loved the size of our previous muffin, just have two of these and it's the exact same volume and nutrition! 

    Did you know our Guiltless muffin batter is made from the following 7 Seeds & ingredients?

    Turn over a muffin package of another gluten-free brand you find in the super market, and you won't find anything as clean or nutrient-dense as these! 

    12 mini-muffins per box. $11.99. Order here  Also available at People's Pharmacy locations around Austin starting today, in Green Grocer and Artizone Dallas soon! 

    (Seeds on muffin in photo added for emphasis) 

    Daniel & Lindsey 

    Stock Your Freezer

    Before co-founding Guiltless Foods, Lindsey Crouch was a healthy personal chef. She filled fridges and freezers with healthy meals, so eating healthy was as easy as reaching in your freezer. She and fitness pro hubby & Guiltless co-founder, Daniel Crouch said, we need a way to get these healthy meals into EVERYONE'S freezers! And Guiltless Foods was born. (Okay, maybe it took a little bit more than that, but you get the idea!) Order the Fat Burner box from our online store and get all this food and more! A recent customer in LA stocked his freezer just last weekend and is already a pound down and feeling great! Guiltless works!

    Now Offering $20 Shipping!

    We are so excited to announce $20 Shipping!  

    Anywhere in the U.S. 

    If you've been shopping with us for awhile, you know that our shipping prices recently went up. Or maybe you were about to place your first order and saw that crazy high shipping rate and you aborted immediately! Either way, we're sorry! And we hated those nasty shipping prices as much as you did (probably more)! So we did something about it!!

    Since we're shipping perishable foods in the heat of the summer, we had to take extra measures to make sure they get to you in pristine condition. We've figured out a way to deliver both the highest quality packaging AND get it to you at a reasonable rate! In order to make it work, orders have to be $50 or more to receive this discounted shipping. Since we have so many wonderful, healthy, delicious products to choose from that you can't find anywhere else, AND everything freezes (with the exception of our DELICIOUS NEW CRACKERS) most folks find it efficient to stock up a little while they're here, anyway! 

    Your New Guiltless Box Includes: 
    1. Now ALL orders are shipped with 5 lbs of dry ice (though it might dissipate by the time it reaches your door step and all you see is an empty bag), rest assure that it was in there keeping your food frozen for at least 24 hours. Dry ice works much better than gel packs. Believe us, we have tested and tested again! 

    2. All orders include insulation panels that act just like a styrofoam cooler. These panels are the best insulation possible. Better than an insulated bag. Again, we've been busy testing all the options! :) 

    3. Once your order leaves the warehouse, it will be to you in 2 days or less. Most Texas orders will arrive the next day. Anywhere outside of Texas will take two days. In a very rare occasion, cities in NY, CA, FL or a small town could take 3 days. USPS 2 Day delivery says it is 99% on, so that's what we have to go with. Since your order leaves the warehouse with the products frozen, and then is packed with 5 lbs of dry ice, your food will remain frozen for at least the next 24 hours. Once the dry ice starts to evaporate, the box will start cooling in temperature, but food remains perfect for the next day until it reaches you. Even if it is room temp when it arrives, it should be just fine, seeing as though it was prepped, frozen and cold the majority of its transit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! When you get your food, put the items in the fridge (if you are going to start eating them) or in the freezer (if you are going to eat them at a later time).

    Note: All orders ship on Tuesdays and sometimes a few on Wednesdays, so the 2 Day Delivery means once it goes out, you will receive it in 2 Days. Not once the order is placed. We will get it to you as quickly as possible! 

    We appreciate you all so very much for your patience,  support and feedback!

    Your Friends, 
    Lindsey & Daniel 
    Guiltless Foods

    Get Guiltless! Order now to get $20 shipping! Maybe you want to stock up, do a bulk order with a friend, or try one of our new Phase 1 or Fat Burner packages