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    Guest Blogger Caryn Carruthers Shares Her Journey to Clean Eating

    Guest Blogger Caryn Carruthers Shares Her Journey to Clean Eating

    We are so excited to introduce our next guest blogger, Caryn Carruthers, Photographer and Creative behind the food blog tasty 'n' free. She shares with us what led her to changing her eating habits and how it's inspired a new creativity within her! Here's her story....

     Five years ago I officially learned about my wheat allergy. It took me a long time to get up the nerve to take the allergy test and find out – I was avoiding it because I didn’t want my beloved cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies to officially be off the table. But I had been noticing for a number of years that wheat, refined carbs and sugar were causing skin issues for me, and I needed to know what I was dealing with. So I took the allergy test and the results were as I suspected. Wheat allergy. Great. Now what?

    My journey started with a lot of research because I wanted to know what foods I would never be able to eat again. Was I really never going to eat another baked good? I spent a lot of time reading anti-inflammatory and yeast free cookbooks because principals in these methods had proven successful with healing the gut. I started noticing trends in these “clean eating” methods – whole foods, low carb, unprocessed, home cooking, lots of fresh vegetables, low sugar, naturally sweetened, and dairy free – doable, but a big change from what I had currently been eating.

    Clean eating made sense to me and I was willing to do it, but it was important to me that I didn’t feel deprived. I took on healing AND enjoying what I was eating as a fun challenge. I made long grocery lists and spent hours at the grocery store looking through products and reading labels. I experimented with new ingredients and tried out tons of recipes. The failures were many, but the successes made it all worth it. I was healing, learning and even getting to enjoy a few baked goods! I found that every time I read a label that left me disappointed, my creativity would flourish to find a food hack that would satisfy a craving. I substituted, brainstormed and the result was often creatively and physically fulfilling. With time I created a way of eating and a lifestyle that worked for me. In reflection, a lot of what I have accomplished during my years of clean eating is redefining for myself what tastes good. I now prefer fresh, real food to processed food.

    The reality remains that pretty much every treat that stays within my dietary guidelines has to be made at home. There aren’t many companies making products I can buy, and eating out while avoiding trigger foods is nearly impossible. Over the years I have found a few products made by companies who adhere to my same eating principals. When I find products made by these companies I feel like someone has hand wrapped the perfect birthday present just for me. Guiltless Goodies is one of the few companies out there making treats for clean eaters. My reaction to finding their products was nothing short of elation, not only could I eat a baked good, I didn’t have to make it!

    I have included some creative inspiration for how to eat clean and indulge with your Guiltless Goodies products. You’ll see pictured:

    a Cake Donut breakfast sandwich with spinach and egg,

    a blueberry smoothie bowl with a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Donut,

    a Cake Donut dressed up with whipped pumpkin and topped with pumpkin seeds,

    a Coconut Cookie Thin ice cream sandwich with dairy free ice cream

    Eating clean doesn’t just have to be about the sacrifice. Get creative and find ways to indulge that leave you feeling good.


    We are so happy that Caryn came to the bakery and became a new customer and friend. Make sure you check out her website and browse through her incredible recipes!

    Guest Blogger Ophelie Herve of Live to Love to Live

    Guest Blogger Ophelie Herve of Live to Love to Live

    One thing you need to know about us at Guiltless Goodies, is that we are passionate about you living your best, healthiest life and taking care of your mind body, and spirit. This company has a rich story of how it was born, why it exists, and why we are still growing. We want to feed you real food that fuels your body, food that doesn't weigh you down and cause you harmful side effects. We want to impact the world with a product that makes a difference in how you live, eat, and feel!
    That being said, we also want to support others out in world who are trying to live their best life, pursuing positivity and sharing their knowledge and growth! We became friends with blogger (and customer!) Ophelie Herve because we were drawn to her vulnerability and the bright light of positivity she's shining into the world!
    We hope you enjoy hearing about her journey in self-discovery and self-love and walk away encouraged after reading her message.
    Now here's Ophelie!

    I am a chatter. So, naturally my mind was racing a million miles a minute wanting to share all I have learned in the past couple years. I wanted to encourage you all in so many ways...but I was at a loss for words. How do I narrow it down? What topic will resonate with them the most?

    And then the oh-so-fun thought, “what will they think of me?” And then I knew.

    I have spent the better part of my life held captive by this question. This question screamed so loudly that it drowned out any confidence I had. It led me to alter my actions, pursue perfection, and present myself in such a way that I thought would be desirable and worth loving. I quieted my quirky self, I became obsessed with working out, I jumped on any fad diet there was, I did everything I could to graduate with straight A’s, and from the outside I’m sure I had a convincing act. I became a fitness instructor in addition to graduating with Summa Cumme Laude in Mechanical Engineering. (Currently pursuing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.) I was surrounded by community, and strong in my faith. But what people didn’t see was the girl who stood in front of the mirror every night, slowly becoming unrecognizable, replacing my passions with those of others. Convinced that I still wasn’t enough, seeking out the approval of others. “Do better, be different.”

    I share this not to brag about my accomplishments, but rather to truly demonstrate the lie of an image. As an Instagram influencer, I want you to know that Instagram, social media, and sadly, life itself, is becoming a highlight reel. This world wants you to believe that you fall short. That you are not enough.

    It took hard work to realize that that voice was not my own. That voice was the world and it is a pro at deception. By consistently taking my thoughts captive, being honest and confessing where I was really at, and reminding myself of truth, I slowly and gradually started to rediscover who I was...who I am. It is a choice. And I chose to love the REAL ME radically for all she is today, as she is.

    I’m a mix of tea and coffee. I want a nut butter bar at my wedding. I love green smoothies and HIIT classes. I love naps and triple chocolate molten lava cakes. I don’t have abs or toned legs and I still struggle with body image some days. I love singing and songwriting. I love painting and crafting! I love sunrises and slow mornings. I could spend the rest of my life having heart-to-heart one-on-one conversations. I’ll always pick a book over Netflix. Most days I don’t want to study, I hate doing laundry, and my room is a mess. I’m a morning and a night person (1-6pm is simply not my prime). I love taking walks. I love cuddling, and words of affirmation is my love language. I love loving others wholeheartedly, unconditionally, radically...but for too long, I forgot to love myself.

    So I challenge you to drown out the world for a moment, and I invite you to start telling yourself you are enough. Start adopting a positive mentality. Choose to say “I love you” in the mirror. Fall in love with that person. Real, raw, unfiltered. Your truest self. I strongly believe you have been crafted and sculpted by a Master Creator. You are a work of art. So live loud. Live loved. Love to live. And live to love. This doesn’t mean you will never be tempted to believe a lie about yourself again. I can just say from my experience, it gradually gets easier to fight off those thoughts by saying, “hey world, I’m choosing to be unapologetically myself. This is me, the REAL me. She is more than enough.”

    (Above Image from Ophelie's Instragram!)

    If you want more of this kind of raw authenticity you definitely need to follow along Ophelie on her blog and her Instagram.

    Thanks again, Ophelie! And thank you sweet readers who continue to show up and support us!